Worse Type Of Bosses You Can Get At Work

Every employee has a problem with their boss. Some complain that their bosses are arrogant, abusive or in worst cases, interfering! In short, every employee faces a Hari Sadu (the worst boss) at least once in their career. If you are a fresher and want to know the worst types of bosses you can get.

Worse types of bosses you can get at work are:

1.Flirt: Women employees often come across a flirt boss who always search for opportunities to come close to them. Complimenting their employee’s new outfit, hairstyle or asking personal questions makes a supervisor appear unprofessional.

2.Abusive: Few people have experienced working under this worst kind of boss. If you make a mistake, your boss will badly abuse you for it. In short, this type of supervisors are impatient and ill-mannered. Their superiority takes control on their manners and they become abusive towards their employees.

3.Greedy: Boss simply tends to be greedy because they pay less wages and make their employees work much more than that. Almost every working professional comes across such type of worst boss. A common example can be, the employee is not appreciated for the achievement but are loaded with more work. Employees need encouragement and appreciation for their hard work! Greed will only destroy the company.

4.Biased: When an employee joins the office, he/she is treated well for the first few days but gradually, the true colours come out. Often bosses become biased towards old employees.

5.Double faced: Trusting your boss can be dangerous. Often employees commit the mistake of believing their bosses. These worst bosses play with the emotions and trust of their juniors. Employees should be careful if their bosses are double-faced.

6.Fake credit: There are few bosses who will take the credit of your hard work to give a good impression on their own superiors. Instead of giving you credit for your work, your boss will show that he/she has done everything.

These are the worst types of bosses you can get at work.

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