Workout Tips For Collar Bones


Collar bone is otherwise known as beauty bone, showing its importance in being beautiful. It is a recent trend to enhance collar bones. Some people have a prominent collar bone as God’s gift. On the other hand, some need to do exercises for a prominent collar bone.Biologically, collar bones are one of the visible bones of your body if you are in good shape. There are many workout tips for collar bone. Exercises plus healthy diet will make your collar bone perfectly visible. If your collar bones are invisible, then it’s high time for you to do some exercises for prominent collar bone. To have a beautiful look with prominent collar bones, you need to reduce the overall body fat. Here are some workout tips for collar bones.

Workout tips for collar bones are:

1.Cardiovascular Exercise:Cardiovascular exercises can be swimming, running, walking, cycling, rowing and the list goes on. These exercises need large muscle movements that help to reduce fat from your body to show off your collar bone.

2.Chest Lifting Exercises: When you have fat on your neck or shoulder, you may look plump. So, the best option is to reduce fat from these parts of the body. Some of the exercises to remove fat from neck and shoulders are chest lifts, shoulder rolls and elbow roll.

3.Push-ups: Push- ups or press-ups targets the muscles of the chest and shoulders. For doing this exercise, you need dumb bells. You can begin with 1kg and gradually increase the weight. It is considered as a warm up exercise and you have to repeat it 15 to 20 minutes. This exercise is to stretch your chest and this will help to get a visible collar bone.

4.Ab Crunches: Usually ab cruches is done by men who needs six- pack body. Women can also do it to have a broad chest and to enhance your collar bone. There are many types of ab crunches like bench presses, weighted dips and weighted crunches.

5.Shoulder Shrug:  This is one of the simplest and easiest exercises to enhance your collar bone. In this simple exercise, you have to pull up your shoulders and need to do it at least 8 times.

6.Yoga:Without more work outs, you can show off your collar bones. Yoga is the best method for enhancing your beauty bone. Experts advise to do yoga after doing exercise for collar bones. By doing simple yoga you can make your collar bone prominent.

7.Workout Diet:Along with the exercises mentioned above, you have to fill your body with more proteins and minerals from nature. Intake of large quantity of fruits and vegetables and around 8 glasses of water a day is a must for those who wish to look perfect.

These are the workout tips for collar bones.

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