Will not think about image while selecting roles: Surabhi

Surabhi Lakshmi, winner of national film award for best actress for her performance in the Malayalam film ‘Minnaminungu’, said she wouldn’t think about ‘image’ while selecting a role in a movie.

Surabhi said she wanted to become an actress who could easily handle any character and make them more beautiful.

“I don’t think about image while selecting characters. Age of the character should not be a factor in selecting a role “, the 30-year-old actress said, addressing a meet-the-press programme organised by the Ernakulam Press Club.

Surabhi said she handled the role of a mother of two children in a popular TV show called M-80 Moosa.

“The role actually helped me to increase my value in the field”, she said.

It was not correct to say that handling the role of aged persons would decrease our value in the world of film and TV programmes, she said, adding, that her national award winning role in the low-budget Malayalam movie ‘Minnaminungu’ was of a mother of a grown up girl.

The actress said she consider the National Film Award as a turning point in her acting career.


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