Why You Should Consume Orange Juice


Drinking a glass of orange juice a day helps in keeping wrinkles and cold away. As it helps in cleansing the system effectively and also adds to the beauty quotient.Orange juice is known for its rich content of vitamin C and is helpful in improving the functions of your immune system.Various studies reveal that consuming orange juice helps in lowering the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Apart from this, it avoids illnesses like cold or flu.

Though oranges are rich in calories, you cannot miss out on the health benefits of consuming this drink. Make sure you avoid adding sugar to the orange juice, as sugar can add a few unwanted calories. Best way to consume orange juice is when it is fresh.Here are some reasons why you should consume orange juice.

Why you should consume orange juice are:

1.Cancer Prevention: The antioxidant properties present in oranges help in preventing cancer and increasing the immunity. The antioxidants and vitamin C present in oranges avoid mutation of healthy DNA cells into cancerous cells. Hesperidin, an antioxidant present in oranges, helps in avoiding tumour growth and balances the programmed cell death. Hence, this is one of the biggest reasons why you need to consume orange juice.

2.Detoxifies Body: Apart from vitamin C, orange juice is also rich in vitamin A. These vitamins help in detoxifying the body and increase the proper functioning of the kidneys. Studies have revealed that vitamin A improves the health of your eyesight. Consuming orange juice regularly helps in improving your night vision as well.

3.Blood Circulation: The folate content present in orange juice helps in creation of DNA and the growth of new cells. Folate helps in cleaning the free radicals present in the body and also improves the growth of new RBC’s in the blood. This helps in improving the metabolism and functioning of the body in a healthy smooth way.

4.Blood Pressure Controller: Hesperidin protects the body from various diseases. It has an impact on the functioning of the blood cells that helps in maintaining the overall blood pressure. Consuming orange juice helps in maintaining the blood pressure level. This is one of the reasons why orange juice should be consumed on a regular basis.

5.Maintains Cholesterol: High cholesterol is one of the reasons for cardiovascular diseases. So, make sure you consume orange juice on a regular basis to avoid accumulation of “bad” cholesterol in the blood vessels. This, therefore, leads to free flow of the blood to vessels and helps in maintaining the blood pressure.

6.Inflammation: Generally, citrus fruits are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Oranges can inhibit the insulin resistance by reducing the inflammation, and, thus, protects the heart and improves the protection of cardiovascular veins. It also helps to reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

7.Prevents Birth Defects: Oranges are rich in vitamin B9, which is also known as folate. This vitamin plays a vital role during pregnancy. Consuming a glass of orange juice helps in avoiding any birth defect issues. This is one of the great reasons to consume orange juice regularly.

These are the reasons to consume orange juice for health.

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