Why Having Kids Is A Blessing

Nowadays due to a hectic lifestyle, it has become difficult to bring up children for most couples who don’t have time and money. We live in a time where kids are mostly considered to be a burden than a blessing. Children are no longer considered to be an economic asset but have started to become financial burden. Most couples are nowadays caught in the dilemma of whether to have kids or not to have them.

There seems to be a prevalent mindset that children can be bothersome, hindrance, inconvenient, nuisance, unruly, expensive, expendable and also a threat in today’s overpopulated world. People don’t realize that just like marriage has so many blessings, having a child is also incomparable.There are many benefits of having children such as they give us a sense of responsibility, they are pure and innocent, they make you a child again, they help you develop a close bond, they are good stress-busters, they help you to strengthen your bonding with your partner, gives strength in your old age, confidence to live and lastly they give a fresh perspective on life so as to enrich and make you enjoy it.Here are some reasons having kids is a blessing.

Reasons why having kids is a blessing are:

1.Keeps you sane: According to a research conducted by Taiwan mental health foundation, it was found that children keep the parents mentally sound.

2.Learn to be selfless: Being a parent can be a daunting task as it is a twenty four hour job. As time goes by, most parents will tend to realize that you are required to put the needs of your child first before yours.

3.Improves health: Having children can promote the physical and mental well being of parents. Parents become responsible to take care of themselves health wise as they become aware that they are accountable to take care of another individual. Playing with kids can be a great stress-reliever (stress buster).

4.Self esteem and responsibility: When you become a father, you understand that you have become an integral part of an individual’s life and you need to forgo a few things that once seemed essential. This can create a positive effect on your children as it can impinge on the way you feel about yourself and your success as a parent. Children can boost parent’s self esteem when they shower you with love and say you’re the best mom or best dad in the whole wide world. This kind of statement has a profound impact on your self esteem.

5.Learn about yourself: Most parents while bringing up kids have become more tolerant and accommodative. It does increase patience and love and makes them to be aware about themselves. It helps parents to discover what is truly important for them in their life and also what can bring them true joy.

6.You get to be a kid again: Becoming a parent is a life changing experience. Parents tend to experience a lot of new feelings. Bringing up kids does give you the freedom to do childish things. There are several activities where a child and parents can do together such as playing in the park, watching cartoons or play games together.

7.Laugh more: Funny things or gestures of kids can make parents to laugh more. Kids constantly do things that can be humorous and silly. They create an atmosphere that makes parents to enjoy some wonderful moments.

8.Make your happier: Children can bring fresh perspective in your life as it is a proven fact that when you shower love and affection on someone you start to love them more. Having children can make parents be more content than a childless couple. It means parents experience more love in their life and it gives them a reason to live.

9.Renew your knowledge: Kids will constantly keep asking you head scratching questions and they want you to give a variety of answers for it. As a child grows up, they would make the parents brush up their knowledge by asking them anything from math tables to capital of the states.

10.Incomparable rewards: Parenting provides incomparable rewards as you are the one shaping your kid’s life. An important part of parenting is raising the child, which makes you to live your life with integrity. You want your kid to live morally such as treat others respectfully. And as a child follows the good morals and values that you have taught her/him it can be rewarding for the parents.

These are the reasons why having kids is a blessing.

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