WhatsApp hit with global outage for brief period

Popular messaging app WhatsApp messenger went down for a few hours leaving users panicked and forcing them to switch to other forms of communication.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger application was facing outages since 12:40 pm IST and it took around two and a half hours before the services were restored.

Users from a number of countries including India, Ireland, Russia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Serbia have reported WhatsApp outages.

Billions of users who rely on WhatsApp for their day-to-day communication are evidently outraged and are pouring their hearts out on Twitter.

This wasn’t the first time that WhatsApp suffered a major outage. Earlier in May, WhatsApp suffered a major outage.

The company took several hours to restore the app back to function.

Services were down again in September this year.


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