Ways To Use Empty Jar Bottles Creatively

You might get irritated trying to create space in your kitchen cabinet. Those small and big jar bottles are empty but you store them thinking you would require these bottles someday. Sometimes, you think that these bottles look cute and well shaped.Here are some ways to use empty jar bottles creatively.

Ways to use empty jar bottles creatively are:

1.Container for plants: Love to have a green house? You can use these bottles as plant containers. Store these container plants indoor or in your balcony to grow small sized plants.

2.Accessories bank: Does your dressing table and racks get messed up with small hair and other accessories? You can store these accessories in a single bottle and prevent them from lying all around.

3.Pebbles bottle: Small pebbles can be used for decorating your tables and showcase. Use different shapes and coloured pebbles in an empty jar bottle. Glass bottles are ideal for using pebbles. You can even paint these glass bottles using your creativity.

4.Fish tank: If you cannot maintain and care for big fish aquarium, you can store a fish in an empty glass bottle. Based on the size of the bottle, you can get fish as a pet for your house. Use pebbles to add a spark to the simple bottle fish tank.

5.Pen holder: Students can utilise empty jar bottles as a pen and pencil holder. Store your favourite pen in holders. If you want, paint the bottle or use stickers to cover the bottom of these bottles.

6.Candle stand: Hate placing candles on the surface of the table? Instead of buying a candle stand, just use an empty glass bottle as your candle stand. To make your candle stand look eye-catchy, decorate it with ribbons or try glass paining. Avoid using plastic bottles as a candle stand.

7.Water jar for birds: If you have a balcony or a terrace, store water in an empty jar bottle. Let the thirsty birds have water. Wash the bottle regularly and fill with fresh water.

8.Coins: Save your coins in an empty jar. You cannot believe how these coins can turn to a huge amount after the bottle fills up! Kids can store coins and learn saving at the same time too.

These are the ways to use empty jar bottles creatively.

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