Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good Naturally

When it comes to making your home look the best when compared to your neighbours, you will be ever ready to spend out of your pocket. Eco friendly homes come with a special fragrance which does not last for long. If you love to stay in an eco-friendly home,here are some ways to make your home smell good naturally.

Ways to make your home smell god naturally are:

1.Vinegar: Make use of apple cider vinegar. Mix with a 50:50 portion of water and spray it directly into your fan or the air conditioner. This will give out a beautiful and fresh aroma in your home.

2.Lemons: The smell of lemon is aromatic and provides a good sense of relief if you are under stress. Squeeze a fresh lemon and place it at the corner of the doors in your home for half an hour. The smell of lemon will fill up your senses and make your home smell sweet.

3.Pineapple: If you love the smell of pineapple you can now use it to make your home smell good naturally. Mix a cup of pineapple squash with tea tree oil and rub it on the edges of the window. When the cold breeze blows in your home, it will be filled with the essence of pineapple.

4.Red onions: It is said that red onions help to remove all sorts of bad odour in your home. Place a string of red onion in your kitchen to remove bad odour.

5.Cinnamon: Cinnamon stick is commonly used as an incense stick which helps to make your home smell good naturally. You need to place the cinnamon stick near a window or a door to feel the essence.

6.Herbs: There are specific types of herbs which you can grow indoors. Herbs like basil and ginseng emit a beautiful aroma which will make your home smell good naturally.

7.Fresh Flowers: The best and natural way to make your home smell good is by placing a flower vase in each room of the house. Flowers which emit a beautiful aroma are roses and jasmine.

8.Baking soda: The aroma of baking soda is one of a kind and there are only a few people who can withstand the smell. Apply a few dashes of baking soda on the rims of the door and let the wind carry it into your home.

9.Lemongrass: Place fresh lemon grass into an earthen pot and keep it at the entrance of the door. You can also place it on a window sill. Lemon grass will provide a natural and tangy aroma.

10.Oranges: Anything which is citrus in nature can make your home smell good. Pierce an orange with the help of a needle and place it in your kitchen. The orange will absorb all the bad odour from your home and emit a beautiful fragrance in return.

These are the ways to make your home smell good naturally.

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