Ways To Maintain Home Fabrics


We all use fabrics for our home decor. Cushion covers, curtains, sofa covers etc. are all very common home fabrics. But it is not enough to just buy these fabrics. You also need to maintain these fabrics to keep them as good as new for years. Due to lack of proper maintenance, your home fabrics can fade out in no time at all.Here are some ways to maintain home fabrics.

Ways to maintain home fabrics are:

1.Regular Dusting: Every smart homemaker knows that regular dusting saves you a lot of cleaning efforts in the long run. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Dust your sofa, cushions, table covers and bed sheets regularly. This will blow away the free dust that accumulates on them.

2.The Material: The most important tip for cleaning cushion covers or curtains is to know what material it is made of. You can wash cotton cushion covers in your washing machine but the same technique cannot be used to clean silk curtains.

3.Cushion Covers: Cushion covers are one of main fabrics in your home. Always remove the cushions from the covers before you wash them.

4.Curtains: Curtains are delicate fabrics to wash. You need to remove all the pins and hooks from them before you put them for washing. You need to clean your curtains at least once in 3 months.

5.Dirty Edges: It is usually the bottom edges of the curtains and the corners of the cushion covers that gets most dirty. You need to clean these dirty edges with a special cleaning solution. Spray the detergent on the dirty parts and scrub them. Then wash the entire fabric separately.

6.Dry Clean Only: Certain fabrics in your home can only be dry cleaned. Do not try to clean them at home or else you will end up destroying their beauty. If your home fabrics are silk, lace, net or tulle, they need to be sent to a dry cleaner’s store.

7.Sun Fading: Often bright sunshine results in fading of the fabrics. This is especially true for curtains that are exposed to the wrath of the sun directly. To prevent your expensive curtains from getting sunburnt, you can use dual shades. Shades are usually made sun-proof screen or bamboo. Draw the shades first and then draw the curtains. The shade will provide protection to the fabric of the curtain.

These are the ways to maintain home fabrics.

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