Ways To Lose Weight While You Are Sitting At Office

Sitting at your desk all day long can lead to weight gain and you are left with some extra fats around your waist and thighs.In fact sitting at one place without making any movements can increase the risk of diabetes in a person and also lead to obesity. While these days everyone is occupied with their own schedule.Here are some ways to lose weight while you are sitting at office.

Ways to lose weight while you are sitting at office are:

1.Drink Green Tea: Avoid taking coffee or tea when you are hungry or are feeling dry in office. Try to drink more of green tea because it can help a person to lose weight and also quench your thirst. Green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants that will help to cut down the extra fats in the body and it also benefits a human body in several other ways. Due to EGCG, a chemical compound obtained in green tea, it helps to support your body fats and also dodges the accumulated extra fats in the body.

2.Have Baked Potatoes: Contrary to the popular belief, baked potatoes are something that will NOT help you to gain weight; but in fact, they help you to lose weight, by keeping your stomach feeling full for a longer period of time. It is said that baked potatoes contain less percentage of calories and fats than your regular fried chips and potato items. Baked potatoes are often recommended by dieticians, as they have proved to be beneficial for your body.

3.Laugh A Lot: As specialists have said, laughing can help to lose a few pounds and can also benefit you in many other ways. It has been proved that laughing can help to burn the calories in your body and it also helps to cut down the extra fats in the body. Laughing after an equal interval of time helps increase metabolism in a person, which in turn helps to drop down some body mass. It is said that laughing for 15 to 20 minutes can actually burn upto 40 calories in a human being.

4.Walking: Although you are directed to sit at one place and work all the hours, you can try to walk short distances at your home or office. You should aim at walking short distances whenever possible and do other works while standing. Walking and standing, while you are working, avoid you from getting the fats accumulated in your body. Apart from this, moving your body frequently can also help to pump blood effectively in the body.

5.Do Some Mild Exercise: You should opt for mild exercise while you are sitting. This will not only help to lose weight but also helps to maintain the elasticity of the body. If you are in office, you should opt for mild exercises and if you are simply sitting at home, you should start doing some yoga exercises. There are numerous yoga or aerobic exercises that can be done at home while you are sitting. People often fail to understand this, but performing a mild exercise can help lose at least small pounds of weight easily.

6.Eat Wisely: Eating wisely is the essential tip to be followed, in order to lose weight without doing any extra efforts while you are sitting. It is essential to consume light foods while you are sitting because it is easy to get it digested, without taking any extra efforts. For example, taking in popped popcorn helps to lose weight wisely and also keeps your stomach filled. Avoid munching on too much though because it is very easy to get obsessed with any kind of food stuff while sitting. Make sure you maintain a proper time table and eat wisely in office.

These are the ways to lose weight while sitting at office.

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