Ways To Look Fresh In Just 10 Minutes


Just out of work and have to get into a party in another half an hour. You have exactly 10 minutes to get ready. Unfortunately, just wearing a good dress and carrying an attitude cannot make you look good. You need to look fresh and the whole day’s toil has left you exhausted, which can be seen on your face.Here are some ways to look fresh in just ten minutes.

Ways to look fresh in just 10 minutes are:

1.Wash your face with cold water and rub one cube of ice on your face. This will make you look fresh instantly.

2.Massage your face with thick moisturizer. This will make your face look smooth and help cover-up the dryness.

3.Apply some skin colour foundation and make sure you spread it evenly.

4.Dab some face powder evenly.Then apply white eye-shadow. This makes your eyes look fresh.

5.Apply black kajal, eye liner and mascara. Bright eyes makes you look fresh

6.Apply shine serum to your hair and get it into any style of your choice.

These are the tips look fresh in just ten minutes.

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