Ways To Increase Muscle Mass


Men are generally interested to grow their muscles as that would add volume to their physique. It isn’t so easy to build big muscles as it takes dedication and efforts. You need enough time too. Muscles don’t grow over night.If your workouts are intensive, you can quickly pack on some muscle but there are some more things to follow. It is good to lift heavy weights and eat the right food to nourish your muscles. Allow the body to rest for enough time so that it can repair the torn tissues. Though many workout programs promise heavy gains in a matter of weeks, scientifically it is not always possible to have gains of that degree. In fact, it is better to workout consistently and wait for your gains.Here are some ways to increase muscle mass.

Ways to increase muscle mass are:

1.Weights: Ensure that you train with weights at least for 4 days every week. This is important in order to increase muscle mass fast.

2.Muscle Groups: Don’t work on the same muscle group on two consecutive days. If you work on chest and shoulders on one day, train your biceps and triceps on the other day.

3.Compound Exercises: It is very important to do workouts like pull ups and push ups too. They are called as compound exercises and they engage more number of muscles.

4.Offer Resistance: In order to stimulate growth in your muscles, you need to offer enough resistance. Challenge your limits gradually.

5.Coach: If you have a gym instructor, it is better to ask him or her to monitor your progress on regular intervals.

6.Weight: Check your weight every week in order to see whether your muscle weight is growing.

7.Eat Good Food: Your workout need fuel. Eat foods like fish and chicken to supply proteins and consume whole grains for your carb intake. Also, take in fresh vegetables and fruits for other nutrients.

These are the ways to increase muscle mass.

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