Ways To Get Your Boss Fired Smartly

You can always get your boss fired. It not all that difficult actually but there are two condition; one is that you have to hate your boss enough and you have to also know how to get things done. Work pranks and office politics mix together to give you the perfect medium to ignite a ‘fire’.Here are some ways to get your boss fired smartly.

Ways to get your boss fired smartly are:

1.Lead Him/Her On: The saying goes that ‘boss is always right’ but actually your boss is never right. Your boss is someone who takes the credit for all the right decisions you have taken and blames his or her wrong decisions on you. That is why you hate your boss. So what you have to is play a simple work prank. When you know that he or she is taking a particularly bad decision, lead him on by showing your approval. The responsibility of the disaster will lie on his or her shoulders.

2.The Enemy Of Your Enemy: Many great thinkers have said that the enemy of your enemy is always your friend. Find out who is your boss’s worst enemy in the office (other than you). That person most likely hates your boss just as much as you do. Supply them with all the news you are privy to. Just make sure you are using the enemy and he or she is not using you to eliminate your boss.

3.Get Him A Job With Your Competitors: To play office politics at this level you need to have contacts. If you know your clients and competitors well then you can easily fix your boss a job with them. After that all you have to is slip in a word at the right place that your boss is fraternizing with the enemies and then wait for the pink slip to appear on his or her desk.

4.Molestation Is Crime: Laws are funny and fortunately for you, they are vague too. ‘Molestation’ can be anything starting from showing suggestive pictures to forwarding a non veg joke. If you have any such forwards from your boss that can be misinterpreted then your job is done. It is mean but the quickest way to get your boss fired.

5.Is Your Boss A Psycho?: Most bosses are anyway; that is one of the reasons we hate our bosses so much. If your boss has some weird habits like mumbling to himself or eating raw garlic then you can spread the word around that he is going through a mentally disturbing time. People catch up on this kind of gossip too quick.

These are the ways to get you rboss fired smartly.

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