Ways To Get Rid Of Snakes From Garden

Snakes can be really dangerous. Some plants attract snakes and it can become really risky to enter your garden when you see a snake rolled over the plant. Few plants especially rose, lime and jasmine attracts snakes and spiders.Here are some ways to get rid of snakes from garden.

Ways to get rid of snakes fro garden are:

1.Remove bushes, thick foliage or shrubs from the plants as these are the places where snakes are attracted to.

2.Keep the garden clean and hygienic. Remove garbage, dried leaves and tree branches. Keep the surroundings dry. This prevents the snakes from hiding in your garden.

3.Snakes love to stay in cool places. Tall grasses, wood, bricks and sacks attract snakes. Avoid keeping them in your garden. An easy tip to get rid of snakes.

4.Also tall grasses attract insects and flies such as grasshoppers, bugs and crickets which are food of snakes.

5.Fencing is one of the another tips to get rid of snakes. Use fences especially when you have roses and other aroma plants which attracts snakes.

6.Spray garlic spray on your backyard and get rid of snakes from your garden. This is a home remedy to prevent snakes from entering the garden.

7.Grow peppermint plants on the corners. The smell of mints doesn’t attract snakes and any other rodents in your garden.

8.Mix baby shampoo and oil in water and then spray in your garden. Leave for 3 hours and then spray clean water on the plants. This helps get rid of snakes as the spray prevents rodents from entering your garden thus reducing the chances of snakes to enter your backyard.

These are tje ways to get rid of snakes from garden.

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