Ways To Deal With A Flirt Boss

To deal with a boss (who is a flirt) can depend on certain factors. If your boss gives you exclusive attention, then it sounds like a good news. Your bachelor boss flirting with you and he being a harmless flirt is just fine.Here are some ways to deal with a flirt boss.

Ways to deal with a flirt boss are:

1.Understand His Intentions: While you are in a meeting or in a middle of a conversation and he looks deeply into your eyes and does not get over you, then there is something fishy. The best way to deal with a flirt boss is to understand his motives. A (flirt) boss hitting on you can be positive or negative depending on his intentions. If you like him flirting, then give him similar reactions and if you don’t then ignore all his friendly gestures. You need to be clear in your head of what you want.

2.An All Time Flirt: To deal with a boss who is Mr. Popular, smart, single and more importantly flirts with you can be a real fun. A bachelor boss flattered on you can work in your favour. You not only become queen of your work place but, can expect new opportunities knocking your door. You perhaps become a symbol of jealousy among your colleagues. It will definitely make your work life happening and even more interesting.

3.A Harmful Flirt: If the situation gets out of control and you find that your boss is getting onto your nerves then it’s time for you to take a call. You cannot make a scene out of it (remember he is your boss). The best way is to purify the air by telling him to ‘maintain a space’. Just talk it out and clear him to have no expectations.

These are the ways to deal with a flirt boss.

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