Ways To Choose Nail Polish According To Skin Tone


Nail Polish is something that all women love to apply to make their nails look beautiful. There is in fact a way to apply the perfect nail polish on your hands to look outstanding and pretty.There are various types of colors for nail polish that look mind blowing and spectacular, so before you take that brush to your nail, keep in mind if it will suit your complexion.

Nail Polish tends to make you look dressed for an occasion. Women feel that when nail polish is applied to the nail it gives them that classy look which of course it does.For different types of skin tones, there is a shade of nail enamel you should use. Match the polish according to your skin tone to give it that extra attractive feeling.Here are some ways to choose nail polish according to skin tone.

Ways to choose nail polish according to skin tone are

1.For Fair Skin: Go in for dark colors as it will throw out, reflecting on the color of your skin. Deep reds and pinks look will beautiful. You should avoid colors like that of gold, light blue and light green as it will be too bright for fair type people.

2.For Medium Skin: It is best to avoid shades of blue and violet. The colors of burgundy, silver, light blue and light shades of pink and red will do for medium skin tones. For olive skin tone, make your nails play with colors like that of brown and peach.

3.For dark skin: It is very important to avoid colors like that of bronze as it will not look attractive in regard to your skin tone. Wear shades of plum, chocolate, red and other light colors to add to the beauty of your finger nails.

It is always important to co ordinate the colors of the nail polish with the skin tone. Keep in mind to also wear the right type of nail polish for the right occasion.Keep your nails clean as it shows your hygienic lifestyle which is very important to maintain to have beautiful nails.

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