Ways To Be The Best Employee At Work

Everybody wants to be the best employee at work but not everybody can be. It not really about winning awards or accolades, the best part about being the ‘one’ in your office is to know that your job is secure. In the age of recession when people are sacred to leave their seats lest they get occupied, you need to know you are safe and your company wants you. Good communication skills and degrees will get you to one point but to go all way you need to know some tricks.Here are some ways to be the best employee at work.

Ways to be the best employee at work are:

1.Be Indispensable: Now a days, there are millions of highly educated people roaming the job scene? You may have a degree or many degrees but that does not add value to you as an employee. You have to know something that no one or very few people know. Only then is your job secure.

2.Value Addition: You have to add value to the company. Lots of people butter their ways into their jobs but they will never be favourites because in the end they have no value to show. When your contribution to the company is calculated, it should be a sizable amount and only then you will be the best employee.

3.Boss Is Always Right: You cannot override your boss and keep your job secure. So you have to be on a favourable ground with your boss. Good communication skills may help but not always. The trick is to make your boss feel that you are on the same side. Only when you create an ‘in’ group or ‘out’ group can you be pals.

4.Know Your Boss’s Bosses: It is not enough to always be under the wing of your immediate superior at work you have to use your work skills to reach out to the top brass of your company. Once you start getting along with the bosses of your boss then you need not worry about him because there are bigger fish in the pond.

5.Your Record Should Be Clean: Office romances, gossiping and spreading rumours about colleagues and spats over unimportant issues are a total no no at your office. Be nice to everybody and friendly with nobody. Your communication skill should be such that you are everybody’s friend but nobody’s best friend.

6.Show Job Commitment: Your commitment to the job will make you rise in the long run. Don’t run after money, make money run after you. If you are the kind of employee who quits his job after a pay raise then no organisation will ever trust you. Just like you need job security, your organisation needs secure employees who will stick around through thick and thin.

These are the ways to be the best employee at work.

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