Ways That Marriage Changes Your Life

When a woman is in her father’s house, she lives in the lap of luxury. There are no added on things for her to do since she always has some one to her beck and call. Women who are brought up in this surrounding often find it difficulty to cope in their in-laws home. The reason being after marriage, the woman has an extra load of work she ‘has’ to do with no option. This is the first change in marriage for women! For men, their change is the added on line of people he has to look after and care for, first being his wife.Here are some wasy that marriage changes your life.

Ways that marriage changes your life are:

1.Self Decisions Don’t Count: Once you are married, you are no longer two but one. Therefore, the first things to change after marriage is the decisions you make.

2.Priorities Change: One of the things on how marriage changes you life is with your priorities. You have other important aspects to look into from both sides of the families. It is not about only you.

3.No Time For Yourself Anymore: You will realise that marriage has changed your life when you have no time to spend with yourself. It can get quite difficult, but you should make room for this change.

4.Familie’s’ Come First: Not juts your family but your inlaws too. They become much more important in your life before yourself.

5.Money Becomes A Lot More Important: Another thing how marriage changes your life is when you think of financial matters. You need to save up on family funds and other sorts of things which are related to husband and wife material.

6.It Gives You A Tag: Married women get a tag once they are wed – wife with duties! Even though you mighty be working, you still have to come home and do the rest of the duties designed for you.

7.Your Name Changes Too: One of the ways how marriage changes your life is for the woman who has to change her name to her husbands. Though, there are a lot of women who dont carry the name, at some point of time, they should.

8.Kills Your Social Life: The main aspect on how marriage changes your life is your whole social life gone down the drain. Family looks at it in a disrespect kind of manner not meant for women who are wed.

9.The Power Of Love: Sex changes your life in ways you wouldnt even understand. At one point of time, you will get bored of it and another moment you just crave for it almost any time of the day.

10.Your Health Differs: No matter how tired or sick you are, work needs to continue in the household. This is one of the ways on how marriage changes your life.

11.Importance Of Personal Life: There is no sense of having a personal life once you are married. According to a married woman, her personal life included her husband too.

12.It Just Changes Your Relationship: One of the ways how marriage changes your life is when you come to terms that you are in a relationship with the whole family.

These are the ways that marriage changes your life.

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