Ways That Internet Destroying Us


Today Internet is a part of our world and it is encouraging us to do things which we are not proud of, like gambling and other addictions which has truly ruined our life.The younger generation of people are so self-absorbed by the Internet that they find themselves into the technology world through every minute of the day. The internet does have its advantages like making us think in a wider and better perspective, which helps our mind to grow and our imaginations to be much more creative. But, what happens when we make use of the internet in a negative way by destroying our future and the way we think from our own cultivation of imagination.

No doubt the internet has been framed for us to grow and self educate ourselves but when the younger generation of people use this form of education in a negative way, it cannot help but destroy us to the maximum.Here are some ways that internet destroying us.

Ways that internet destroying us are:

1.A form of addiction: There are a number of social networking sites which have become an addiction. Facebook for example is a major internet addiction for youngsters. Everything and anything is posted on the social networking sites, in the name of fame.

2.It curbs our imagination: We must use this form of technology to widen our imagination and not depend on it for everything we do in our day to day lives. The internet is destroying us by not letting our brain work on its own.

3.Destroys our standard of living: Because of the huge competitions between people shared across the world on life related issues, it effects the standard of living. Here again, it is the social networking sites which allows people to post things which effect another persons life.

4.Fractures our culture: Did you know that the internet is destroying us and our culture. The new trends and new art forms of living which is stated online is putting an end to the traditional cultures. It is only a handful of people who still follow traditional forms of living. The majority of them are influenced by the internet. Therefore, this is one of the ways in which the internet is destroying us.

5.Virtual versus the real world: Today, it is the virtual world going against the real world. For instance, how many of you hold a book in your hand and enjoy the pleasure of reading? We are sure that not many of you do! The reason being that the internet is destroying in a way to use the easy way out and save up on time, even when it comes to our hobby or passion.

Therefore, these are some of the ways in which the internet is destroying us. At times are not even aware of it as we are so self-absorbed with the virtual world.

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