Ways That An Unpaid Internship Will Get You Ahead

Though you won’t be earning any cash with an unpaid internship, that doesn’t mean you won’t be gaining anything. Internships have numerous benefits that can help you get ahead. An unpaid internship can be seen as an investment in your own future.Though it makes sense to look for a paid job first, the job market is tough — especially for a college student with no experience. You could take an entry-level position outside your career field or a fast food or retail job just to make some money, but it may make sense for you to take an unpaid internship instead.Here are some ways that an unpaid internship will get you ahead.

Ways that an unpaid internship will get you ahead are:

1.You can improve your resume: Securing employment directly out of college without practical work experience can be difficult. To get a job in your career field, you’ll need some experience. An unpaid internship is an easy way to get your foot in the door and start gaining the experience you need. When you graduate, your internship can be a highlight on your resume that shows you did a lot more with your summers than party at the beach.

2.You can learn about the work environment: By working in an unpaid internship, you can learn about everything from teamwork to office politics to humility and accepting authority. Though without compensation, you’ll be able to reap the numerous benefits (and learn about the pitfalls) of being in an office environment.

3.You can make connections: With so much emphasis on online networking these days, sometimes we forget about the value of face-to-face connections. An internship allows you to make real-life connections with your boss, clients and co-workers that can benefit you in the future.

4.You can shop around: Though you might think you have an idea about your career direction, an internship can allow you to test the waters and find out for sure. Taking a few short-term internships lets you check out various careers before getting stuck in just one.

5.You can find a mentor: As an intern, you can make connections with people in your career field and even find a mentor. A mentor can prove invaluable when pursuing paid employment down the line. A good mentor can also teach you the tricks of the trade, share insight about the company and industry and introduce you to other people who can help you along the way.

6.You can earn academic credit: Many unpaid internships offer college students the opportunity to earn academic credit. Talk with your college or university to find out more about the educational standards necessary for an internship to receive credit. When looking for an internship, avoid companies that aren’t offering college credit or don’t allow interns to do anything more than fetch coffee and other menial tasks. Some companies use interns as cheap labor and nothing more. If you aren’t going to get paid, you, at least, need to be doing something valuable — for yourself and your future.

These are the ways that an unpaid internship will get you ahead.

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