Vegetables That Suit For Container Gardening


Container gardening can be done in a small balcony or even if you have a tiny backyard. Check for the best vegetables you can grow in containers. There is a plethora of vegetables that you can grow in containers. So, now you can fulfill your dream to grow your favorite veggies even if you do not own a big garden. Nowadays, with the availability of hybrid vegetables, you can easily grow a variety of your preferred vegetables in your home. The hybrid vegetables need lesser space and hence they are the best vegetables to grow in containers.Here are some vegetables that suit for container gardening.

Vegetables that suit for container gardening are:

1.Beans: Beans is one of the best vegetables to grow in containers. Beans are also very famous bush-grown vegetables. There are mainly 2 kinds of bush types- “Provider” and “Derby”. In order to cultivate these varieties you will need a 12 inch deep pot. For better development of veggies you must check their root depth.

2.Cucumber: The best varieties of cucumber to grow in a container are “Bush Pickle” and “Salad Bush”. Try planting these vegetable plants in a container.

3.Lettuce: Lettuce is one of the best vegetables to grow in containers. Any particular size of the container is not needed to grow lettuce. All you need is to take some fruitful soil and add the essential seeds. The soil should be kept damped to procure beautiful lettuce salads from your container garden.

4.Carrots: The top varieties of carrots for container gardening are- Short and sweet, Thumbelina and little fingers. Opt for deeper pots if you want to grow longer plants. Water the container heartily for a healthier growth of your plant.

5.Beets: The “Red Ace” variety is considered to be the best among the other varieties of beets to grow in pots. Take a 12 inch deep pot so that your beet plants can grow liberally.

6.Eggplant: Take a 5 inch deep container to grow eggplant. In order hold your eggplant in the container you need to tie the plant to a stake.

7.Squash: Squash is another popular vegetable which is grown on bushes. Take a five to seven inches deep container to grow gorgeous squash varieties like “Table King” and “Papaya Pear”.

8.Cole Crops (or Cabbage Varieties): Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are known as “Cole crops” and these are the vegetables that grow best in containers.

9.Peas: You can grow a couple of pea varieties in your container garden such as English peas, Maestro and Green arrow. Take a pot with 12 inches depth and you can plant up to 6 pea plants in the same pot.

10.Melons: Melons are great vegetables that you can grow in containers. Dwarf melons grow awesomely in small containers.

11.Potatoes: Potatoes are one of the best root vegetables that grow best in containers. Take a 12 inch deep container and plant three or four potatoes.

12.Tomatoes: You can grow some dwarf varieties of tomatoes such as “Window Box Roma” and “Cherry Tomato” in small containers of about 5 inches depth.

13.Radishes: To grow radishes in your container garden, scatter some radish seeds in a small pot and carefully maintain the moisture of the soil.

14.Peppers: Peppers are one of the best vegetables to grow in containers. Take a big pot to grow several varieties of pepper in it.

15.Onions: You can also grow onions in your container garden which are the most sought-after vegetables that grow best in containers. Take a 5 inch deep pot and plant green onions in it.

These are the vegetables that can grow in containers.

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