Unique Method Of Fasting To Weight Loss

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Here is a modified approach to intermittent fasting and has ample benefits on the human body, especially for women.

Benefits :

Being a gentle approach on the woman’s body, this type of fasting takes care of the hormonal balance which plays a very important part in every woman’s life. In other words, your hormones are not thrown into a frenzy. This is an excellent method to shed those extra pounds and slim down in a not so difficult fashion.

This fasting should be done on alternate days of a week that is to say, for about two to three days per week. In other words, Crescendo fasting should be followed during nonconsecutive days of a week. For example, if you undertake to fast on Tuesday, the next days of fasting for you are on Thursday and Saturday.

In this type of fasting people stop eating at 7 pm then they do not consume anything till about 9 am the next morning.

On the days when fasting is undertaken, yoga and light cardio exercises should be done.

On the days when there is no fasting, intense workouts like strength training or Burst/HIIT training should be carried out. Do keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Beverages like tea and coffee are fine to be had as long as there is no added milk or sweetener in them. After the passage of two weeks, one more day of fasting can be added to the schedule.

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