Unhealthy Reasons Behind Couples Are Stay Together

Experts states: 8 out of 12 relationships are formed for the sake of materialistic value and not for the heart. Couples who are in these kind of relationships will not last long. On the other hand, it is a total waste of time since you are lying to your partner about being happy and to oneself.Here are some unhealthy reasons why couples are stay together.

Unhealthy reasons why couples are stay together are:

1.Money Talks: For some money speaks the language of love. Many couples stay together if the spouse or the other partner is loaded with big bucks.

2.Leaning On The Other’s Shoulder: Dependency on the other is another unhealthy reason why couples are together in a relationship. In a world of today, it is vital for one to remain independent.

3.Sex Matters: For some couples it is all about physical pleasures and not love from the heart. These are the couples who want to stay in the relationship for sex and don’t find the idea of cheating to be comfortable.

4.For The Sake Of Kids: In some relationships, it is the kids who hold the family together even though the couple is not happy. This is one of the many other unhealthy reasons why couples are together.

5.Society Talks You Know: A handful of couples are together for the sake of society. They want the millions to not talk behind their back.

6.Too Old For A Young Bride: Age is a big factor for some men. If they have the money to splurge on a young bride, they take the opportunity, if not they remain unhappy in the relationship, till death.

7.Illness Takes Control: Sometimes illness leaves us with no choice but to be with the partner you once fell in love with. For the sake of compassion and not love. This again is one of the many unhealthy reasons why couples are together.

8.Cause Kundali Says So: Dedicated to those who are married…. these are the couples who strongly believe in what God puts together let no man put asunder.

9.Blackmailing: Blackmailing does wonders for some couples, especially women. Sadly, this is another unhealthy reason why couples are together.

10.Scared Of Being Alone: Loneliness can literally kill one. For the sake of having a partner, couples find it unnecessary to depart from each other.

These are the unhealthy reasons why couples stay together.

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