Types Of Friends That To Avoid

When we think of friends, we often think them to be the best thing that has happened to us. We need to realise that not all friends are the actual friends to whom you can spill out your heart.Friendship is not about whom you have been friends with for the longest. It is about the type of people whom you can really rely on. True friends are those who are there for you at times of peril. You can feel free to call upon a friend at even odd hours.To find such friends is impossible. But to have them and cherish them is a boon. Here are some types of friends that to avoid.

Types of friends that to avoid are:

1.Ex’s Being Friends: If you have decided to stay friends with your ex, you need to follow the basic rule of not discussing about your new partner with them. Never let them know the little details of your new relationship.

2.Judgmental Types: Never let a judgmental person’s words affect you. This type of friends are a must avoid. These friends tend to make an impact on your thoughts after a point of time. So, it is better to stay away from such friends.

3.Bitter Single Friend: Your friend might have been through a rough breakup which makes them hate all the members of the opposite sex. Avoid such friends as they only spread negativity which makes your mind think in same direction unintentionally.

4.Gold Digger Friend: We all have seen this and experienced this at some point in our lives. We often see how friends turn into gold diggers and when you put down your foot, you become their worst enemy. These type of friends are best avoided.

5.Frenemy: These are the worst type of friends which anybody can have. People mostly back bite you and still try to be friends with you. Once you know who has leaked your little secret, its time you avoid such friends.

6.Demanding Friends: Friends who make you only compromise when it is something related to you, then its a sign that you need to avoid them. These friends just talk emotionally and get their work done. In short “AVOID” them.

These are the types of friends that to avoid.

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