Types Of Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Decorating your house is a creative and adventurous task but decorating a bathroom and choosing an appropriate tile for it can be a tricky job. As bathrooms are almost every time wet, it is important to choose a bathroom tile which is water absorbent and goes well with the design.Here are some types of bathroom tiles ideas for your home.

Types of bathroom tiles ideas are:

1.Splashed on floors can be slick, so don’t use shiny slick tile. Choose something that your toes can grab and won’t be slippery.

2.Choose a color which matches with the bathroom wall paint. Keep it simple.

3.Choose tiles that are non-porous in nature with a very low water absorption capacity. The longer the water stays on the tile surface, the higher is the tendency for dirt to get absorbed. Since it is not easy to constantly wipe the moisture from the bathroom floor, it is better to check the water absorption by weight ratio before buying a tile. The recommended number for bathroom floor is less than 3%.

4.Granite, slate or sandstone are better flooring ideas for your bathroom in terms of finish and safety. They have a high slip tolerance which makes it a safe to walk bathroom tiles when compared to ceramic tiles. They also add earthiness and homely feeling to the room.

5.Go for rust colored bathroom tiles or bright colors which makes the bathroom look bright and not dull.

6.Opt for scratch resistant bathroom tiles for long resistance.

7.Glass tiles are fashionable but think twice before opting for this bathroom tile as they can easily break or get cracks.

8.Ceramic tiles are commonly used tile type used for bathroom flooring but it is easily prone to absorb dirt and also takes time to dry so go for marbles or granite.

These are the types of tiles for your bathroom.

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