To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever

The house should be kept clean from dust and excess dirt. The cleanliness of the house is the most important factor to keep in mind to get rid of the roaches. Leaving food in the open and putting unclean dishes on the table for a long period of time can make the cockroaches attack, so it is recommended to avoid such practices.
Baits And Traps
The cockroaches step in the traps and stay captive until they die or are thrown out of the house. Using baits is referred to as one of the most successful roach eviction processes, as the cockroaches first eat the poison from the baits and then they infect the others, leading to the complete eviction of their clan from the house.
Reduce Dampness
Cockroaches cannot survive without water for more than 7 days, hence reducing the amount of dampness in the home and fixing the water leaks that are prevalent will lead to their death. The house should be well ventilated, as sunlight into the house will allow for any form of water to evaporate into the air, leaving the house dry and hence bereft of anything for them to feed on.
Use Strong Fragrances
The floor should be moped regularly with strong fragrant liquid such as citronella oil or any medicated phenyl. The strong perfume will evict any cockroach that arrives looking for food. While cleaning the floor is necessary, it is to be noted that excess of water should not be used, as the roaches will feed on water.
Boric Acid
Use of boric acid powder on the areas that are prone to cockroaches will lead to reduction in the incidence of cockroach movements in the area. Boric acid can be applied on an area or even sprayed in the entire house, as it is very easy to apply and it stays on for a long period of time if it does not come into contact with water.
Bay Leaves
Using bay leaves to evict cockroaches forever is an effective homemade method that is safe and contains no poison that can affect pets or humans. The strong smell of the bay leaves stops cockroaches from entering, as they cannot tolerate the smell. Crushing the dry leaves and spreading the powder will reduce cockroaches effectively.
Keep The Place Cool
Keeping the room cool will reduce cockroaches, as they are not adaptable to cold. They are active in heat and in the summer time, they even gain wings and fly to places, but when the temperature is cold, the roaches may not be as active. Therefore, cockroaches can lead to a number of diseases and it is important to get rid of them forever from your home for a healthy and better living.

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