To Boost Your Baby’s IQ In The Womb

Improving your baby’s IQ in the womb is pretty much unheard of. As lay people, we find it hard to attest the validity of such a fact. However, medical science has a different story to tell. Researchers have proven the capability of a mother’s habits in influencing her child’s IQ.A healthy lifestyle for mothers includes eating healthy and doing specific things that will consummate the growth of the foetus in the womb. Giving up unhealthy habits is also one of the important things.Here are some tips to boost your baby’s IQ in the womb.

Tips to boost your baby’s IQ in the womb are:

1.Consume Folate Rich Foods: Daily Foods rich in folic acid are proven to boost the foetus’s IQ. Consuming about 400 micrograms of folate is important in this regard. Moreover, folate is linked with reducing birth defects, especially those relating to the brain and spinal chord.

2.Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are another components that boost the child’s brain power. It is linked to good mental health in adults too. A powerful omega-3 fatty acid pregnant women need to consume is called DHA, a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid that is proven to boost IQ of the child in the womb.

3.Caress The Womb: Caressing the womb helps to stimulate the baby. By doing so, blood flow to the foetus is also enhanced.

4.Talk And Read Aloud Before You Go To Bed: This isn’t a myth. Talking and reading to your baby will actually help stimulate the baby’s brain. It is linked to improving the child’s IQ in the womb. Baby’s can hear sounds 15 weeks into pregnancy.

5.Play Music To Your Child In The Womb: Music has long been known to help with brain development in children. Playing music to your child when in the womb will help in development of the baby’s brain. Music is known to stimulate propensity towards learning.

6.Reduce Your Levels Of Stress: A stressed mother is known to cause damage to her child than she can imagine. Reduce stress levels if you wish to enable seamless brain development of your child.

7.Give Up Smoking And Drinking: These are the worst possible habits for pregnant women. Smoking is known to affect the child’s brain and IQ.

These are the tips to boost your baby’s IQ in the womb.

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