Tips To Sleep During Pregnancy Period

Sleep plays an important role during pregnancy for both baby and mother’s comfort. Sleep during pregnancy helps in foetal development and growth.Sleep deprivation in pregnancy can cause depression. The stress hormones are increased due to improper sleep that can harm the baby.As in pregnancy your body goes through many changes. These changes disturb your normal peaceful sleep. You may feel shortness of breath, back pain, heart burn and increased abdomen size etc.

You have to change your regular sleep positions. If you used to sleep on your belly than you have to change this habit. There are some best sleeping positions that will give you a relaxed sleep.Here are some tips to sleep during pregnancy period.

Tips to sleep during pregnancy period are:

1.Left Is Best: Side sleeping is the safest position during pregnancy. It will be comfortable for you as your belly develops. You must sleep on your left side as it will improve blood circulation. It will protect your liver and kidneys from weight of your belly. This is one of the safe positions to sleep during pregnancy.

2.Avoid Sleeping On Your Back: It may cause a fall in blood pressure and further causes fainting. The pressure of your uterus will be on your spine, back and intestines. This causes muscle pain, cramps, decreased circulation and even hemorrhoids. This can also decrease blood circulation to your baby. This is one of the best sleeping tips for pregnancy.

3.Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach: Never do this as the stomach will pressure your uterus and can harm you and your baby. You must avoid this position throughout the pregnancy.

4.Sleep Position Helps To Reduces Backache: Keep a pillow below your abdomen while you sleep on one side. This supports the weight of your stomach and will help to relax the back muscles.

5.Sleep Pose Helps In The Shortness Of Breath: Sleeping on the left side will prevent shortness of breath and acid reflux. You can also keep a pillow below your side to elevate the chest area.

6.Raise The Head Of The Bed: You can put some cushions on the head side of your bed to elevate your head. This will reduce acid reflux as it will push the acid down towards the stomach.

7.Sleep Pose Helps In Reducing Leg Cramps: Leg cramps is a common problem in pregnancy. If you wake up with leg cramps during night, immediately flatten your legs and keep your toe pointed upwards to your head position. This reduces leg cramps and helps you to sleep properly.

8.Sometime Sleep On A Comfortable Sofa: They are comfortable as they are padded. The sofa will ease heart burn and will keep you in a comfortable position without putting more pressure on your back and abdomen. This is another comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy.

9.Use A Full- Length Pillow: You can use a 2 meter long pillow especially meant for pregnancy. It supports your back and stomach. Put a pillow between your knees and another pillow behind your back. You can also use third pillow bellow your belly.

10.Use A Firm Pillow Below Your Head: It provides support to your neck and keeps your neck in the same position as the spine and also supports your shoulders.

These are the tips to sleep during pregnancy period.

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