Tips To Make Your Home Allergy Proof


Your home plays a very important part as this is the place where you spend most of the time with and where many of the allergy triggers. The tips to prevent allergies should start from dust mites. Dust mites is a very common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms. These are insects that live in the dust, which are collected in every nook and corner of our house.The next most dangerous allergen for asthma is the pollen and the skin cells of pets. These are so small that they are usually found on the air conditioner vents, carpets, comforters, furniture and curtains. Cockroach droppings contain a protein which is yet another asthma trigger. So keep them out of the house. Blocking any of the openings and keeping the kitchen clean can help you in this.Here are some tips to make your home allergy proof.

Tips to make your home allergy proof are:

1.Kitchen: Ensuring there are no food particles left around can avoid cockroaches. Wash dishes daily and keep the sink clean. The stove and exhaust should be cleaned to remove the cooking fumes. Sealed containers are the best options to store food. The garbage should be cleared on a daily basis. These tips to prevent allergies can be used in the kitchen.

2.Living Room: Carpet is not an option to place in any part of the living room. Small rugs and floor mats needs to washed and shampooed on a regular basis. Try to remove and shift all the potted plants and aquarium outside the house. If you have a fire place then avoid using them, this will only add to the respiratory allergens. These are a few of the tips when you are considering on how to make your home allergy-proof.

3.Bedroom: Tips to prevent allergies will include the storage of any bed covers in dust-mite proof cover. Washing them in hot water can also help in killing these insects. Avoid using carpets in the bedroom. Washable shades are always a better option than horizontal blinds. Use easy-to-clean furniture.

4.Basement: Use a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness, as this is an area of the house that has excess dampness. Remove all furniture with upholstery and use furniture made of leather, wood, metal or plastic. Another tip on how to make your home allergy proof is to make sure that you properly seal things in plastic bags while storing.

5.Bathroom: Ventilation plays an important role when you are trying to keep out the allergens. Washable rugs are a better option. Remove wallpaper and use tiles instead. You can also use mould-resistant enamel paint. Make sure that you towel dry the tub and other areas of the bathroom and make sure that they are dry.

These are the tips for making your home allergy proof.

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