Tips To Make Bridal Mehendi Appear Darker

The intensity of the colour of your mehendi represents the love your partner has for you. Deeper the colour, higher is his love for you.Henna leaves are a natural coolant that work in relieving the stress a bride goes through during her wedding preparation.Packed with antiseptic properties, henna kills the infection-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and acts as a protective barrier. So, any cuts, sores or burns the bride-to-be may have, sustained during wedding rituals, henna heals it all.

Other than that, mehendi also boosts blood circulation and improves overall general well-being. One of the reasons why henna is usually applied to the hands and feet is that it houses major of the nerve-endings.The colour of the mehendi to a great extent depends on an individual’s body temperature. There are still things you can do to increase the intensity of your henna colour.Here are some tips to make bridal mehendi appear darker.

Tips to make bridal mehendi appear darker are:

1.Cloves: Cloves has an active ingredient called rubefacient that works to keep your skin warm and soothed. And as henna colour is directly proportional to your body temperature, this little pod can work like a charm. Heat a couple of cloves in a pan, expose your henna-decorated hand to the smoke. Soak the waft. Repeat the process for a few minutes.

2.Tea Tree Oil: Colour of your henna to a great extent depends on a compound called terpineol, which is available in plenty in tea tree oil. Dab some diluted tea tree oil on your hennaed hand in a gap of every two hours for that intense dark colouring.

3.Wrapping: Here is another simple, yet effective, solution to get that deep henna colour. After an hour of applying mehendi, wait for the henna to dry to some extent. Now, wrap your hand in a bag to trap the body heat, which will give your henna a deep rich colour. Be careful of the design when doing the wrapping.

4.Sugar + Lemon Syrup: By far the most oldest yet tested way to give your henna design a natural deep hue is the application of sugar and lemon syrup. Citric acid present in lemon enables the henna colour to penetrate deep into the skin layers. Add a few drops of lemon juice in a tablespoon of sugar syrup. Dip a cotton ball and gently dab it on the mehendi. Apply it a couple of times. Avoid overdoing it, as it can leave your skin dry and patchy.

5.Lavender Oil: Lavender oil has lesser level of terps, as compared to clove or black pepper oil, making it balanced for skin usage, eliminating any possibility of skin irritation. Simply dab on a few drops of lavender oil on the henna design. It will not only give your palm that dark tint, but also give your skin a soothing fragrance.

6.Vaporizing Balm: Once the henna dries off completely, scrape off the residue and apply a thin coat of vaporizing balm. The vapour will stimulate your body temperature, making the henna penetrate deep into the skin layers. If you have sensitive skin, perform a patch test of the vapour first before rubbing it on your skin.

These are the tips to make bridal mehendi appear darker.

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