Tips To Have A Smell Free Refrigerator

Every time you open the door of your refrigerator your nostrils are assaulted by an abominable cocktail of smells. Sometimes you can smell yesterday’s dal mixed with the eggs you made in the morning or maybe everything kept in teh refrigerator smells liek stale bananas.Here are some tips to have a smell free refrigerator.

Tips to have a smell free refrigerator are:

1.Remove Stale Food: The bad smell in the refrigerator indicate that some of the foods have gone stale. You must have a tract of what foods you are storing and how much their shelf life is. If you store a dozen bananas for a week, it is going start stinking pretty bad. Foods that spoil easily must be bought in small quantities and consumed within a couple of days.

2.Cover It Up: Storing food in the right way is very important to keep the refrigerator free from odour. Whenever you are storing something with strong flavours, store it in a closed container. In this way, your porridge will not smell like the leftover tomato pasta from last night. A cover container locks the smells and keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh.

3.Compartmentalise: You need to keep everything in it’s place and the rest will take care of itself. Do not just stuff things into the refrigerator indiscriminately. Keep the vegetables in the basket at the bottom. The eggs in the egg holder, milk and other diary products like butter in the chiller and the cooked foods on the shelves.

4.Baking Soda: As far as your home and especially your kitchen is concerned, baking soda is a magic powder. It can clean almost anything and now, it will also help you keep your refrigerator clean. Keep baking soda measuring about 1 cup in a perforated container. It will absorb most of the smells from your refrigerator.

5.Regular Cleaning: Just because we have said before that cleaning your refrigerator every day is not possible, this doesn’t mean you do not clean it at all. You need to clean the refrigerator at least once in a month. If your electronic appliance is old and doesn’t have the technology of self defrosting, then you need to defrost it manually.

These are the tips to have a refrigerator.

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