Tips To Get The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The first makeup product that most of us were introduced to is probably a kajal or an eyeliner pencil. Eyeliners are extremely versatile. They come in many forms from liquid to pencil; to even the latest types that is gel eyeliners.Gel eyeliners are a great combination of the finishes you find in both pencil and liquid liners. They’re also very easy to use for beginners in makeup. The smartest innovation actually would be felt-tip eyeliners. They’re extremely easy to use and they work as similar to actually drawing the lines on to your eyes, which makes the application very precise.Here are some tips to get the perfect winged eyeliner.

Tips to get the perfect winged eyeliner are:

1.Credit Card: The first tip is to use a business card or a credit card to trace the line along your eye. This ensures that the wing is sharp. You can do this using a liquid eyeliner as well.

2.Spoon: Second, you could use a spoon in the same way to trace the line of the wing, by placing the scoop of the spoon, covering the eyelid.

3.Tape: You can use a tape diagonally across under the eye and use the line made by the tape to trace the line. Even if you go over the tape with the eyeliner, removing the tape will make it easy for you to get rid of any mess. This actually gives you the sharpest wing you could ever get.

4.Post-its: Stick some sticky notes or post-its under the eye area and draw the wing as you would like, tracing it along the line and voilà, there you have your winged eyeliner look.

These are the to get the perfect winged eyeliner.

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