Tips To Decorate Your Home With Glasses


Theme decoration for homes is big these days. People go for ethnic homes or metal themes. It is basically an interior decoration idea by virtue of which you will be using only one main material or theme to decorate your entire home. If you want a really unique home decor then you should be innovative enough to come up something totally new. Here are some tips to decorate your home with glasses.

Tips to decorate your home with glasses are:

1.The best and easiest interior decoration idea using glasses would be to have a glass front or open glass cabinet. You can make the cabinet in which ever way you want; tall, angular or broad and arrange the glasses accordingly.

2.An open cabinet looks better but there are certain inherent problems with it. Firstly it is risky especially if there are kids in the house. Moreover, you will have to dust it regularly or else they will look filthy. Dust on glass is prominently visible.

3.Another trick to display your collection of exclusive glasses is to put up plates of glass with hooks at strategic places in the house. But remember plain glass on glass doesn’t look all that great. Use tinted glasses to fill these glass show cases.

4.Decorating with glasses is not only a drawing room idea. If glasses are your theme and you have fetish for a glass menagerie then there are many interior decoration ideas for you. You can make a special rack or in built shelf in you dinning space for different kinds of glasses be it wine glasses, tequila sot glasses, beer mugs etc.

5.Your kitchen is the most obvious place to decorate with wine glasses. It will look pretty but make sure the cabinet is a one with a covering glass or else you will be wiping off grime from steam and oil from your ornamental glasses.

6.Every room in your house can be part of this theme. Be it your bedroom or bathroom you can be decorating with glasses to make your home look like a glass palace. Put up shelves everywhere and display glasses of different shapes, sizes and finishing on them.

7.Just make sure all these are out of reach of children and also, not precariously placed. In any room, the glasses should never be placed directly above your head at any point.

8.Lighting can make or break your glass house. You must use light at such an angle that the glasses break them up into a beautiful shimmer. You also have to use right kind of light; tinted glasses will look better in white light and plain ones in yellow.

These are the ways to decorate your with glasses.

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