Tips To Clean Your Bathroom In Short Time

A clean and maintained bathroom is a must. To maintain personal hygiene, you have to make it a routine to clean your bathroom. You might not have time to spend in cleaning the bathroom tiles and scrubbing for minutes or leaving a chemical product for 30-40 minutes is a waste of time especially if you are running late for work.Here are some tips to clean your bathroom in short time.

Tips to clean your bathroom in short time are:

1.Get the required instruments: A mop, broom, bucket and mug are the most important instruments that are required to clean a bathroom. You might also require a toilet brush. Do not forget gloves. Even if you are cleaning the bathroom lightly, you should protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

2.Spread soap water/toilet cleaner: You can make the soapy water solution by adding few teaspoons of detergent powder in water. Spread with a mug on all the nooks and corners of the bathroom. You can directly use toilet cleaners also. Spread on the floor especially corners and the commode of the toilet. Leave for 1 minute.

3.Scrub: After leaving the solution or toilet cleaner for a minute, scrub with the broom. Scrub the floor or tiles. Be careful so that the tiles do not get scratches. If you have also applied the solution on the commode and toilet, clean with the toilet brush.

4.Wash basin: If you have a wash basin in the bathroom, clean with a toilet cleaner. A toilet cleaner has ingredients that clean the marble and also kills the germs. Use a scrub to clean the tap and basin. Wear gloves to protect your skin.

5.Splash water: After scrubbing, clean with the water. You can also use a hand shower or a pipe to make cleaning an easier task. Otherwise, throw water from the bucket with the help of a mug. Keep using the broom to clean the soapy water from the corners of the bathroom. Flush the toilet after cleaning the commode with water.

6.Add phenol or fragrance: After cleaning with water, pour few drops of phenol in the bucket. Add water and mix with the mug. Throw on the floor of the bathroom. You can also add few drops of phenol in the toilet and leave. The smell of phenol will spread in the bathroom either ways.

7.Mop: After all these steps, mop the wet floor and dry it. A dry bathroom avoids the formation of vapour and water smell. Mop the floor properly.

These are the tips to clean your bathroom in short time.

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