Tips To Clean And Maintain Personal Computers

There is no house without a computer. Cleaning computer doesn’t take long if the right ways are known.The fine dust that gets collected in the CPU (central processing unit) and keyboard will not only cause irritation to the user but will also affect the computer working.Here are some tips to clean and maintain personal computers.

Tips to clean and maintain personal computers are:

1.Before you start with computer cleaning, you need to disconnect all the wiring or maintain the off mode. Be very careful, when you are to use liquids.

2.Wear a rubber or plastic foot wear if you are planning to clean the electronic device. Keep all the cleaning tools ready for easy cleaning. Wear gloves to avoid contact with the dust and mites.

3.First, clean the central processing unit by disconnecting the cables. Dust it well using a duster and then use paper towels to clean up the greasy dirt. Loosen the bolts and screws of the CPU and carefully clean the interiors of the equipment. Dry the system under a fan or air cooler.

4.Dip a piece of cloth in soap water and wipe the surface of the unit. Do not forget to empty the CD/DVD drive before you plan to use wet cloth. Never wipe the lens of the CD drive.

5.Disconnect the keyboard from the system and dust it by turning the board upside down. Use your old paint brush to clean the gaps between keys or you can also remove keys and put it back after clean. Do not wipe the keys with alcohol (such as vinegar, nail polish remover) as it may erase the letters. Allow it to dry under a fan.

6.Mouse cleaning is little tricky as it always looks clean. The sweat on hands would have made it oily and slippery. Unclip the lower half of the mouse and carefully remove the fine dust that would have got settled in the sockets. You can use ear buds for cleaning.

7.The damp piece of cloth can also clean the monitor. The cloth that is generally given with spectacles can be preserved for monitor screen cleaning. The wet cloth can help in easy wiping and prevents scratches.

8.The dusty wires and plug points can be cleaned by wrap a damp cloth over them and pulling it gently from one end to the other. Clean the table before you place the monitor back.Install all the wiring back to the unit and cover it regularly (whenever not in use).

These are the tips to clean and maintaining personal computers.

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