Tips To Befriend Mother-in-Law

Problems can be overcome however with a few tricks to bring your mother-in-law over to your side.

Respect : This is mandatory in any relationship. Mere respect, even in the absence of affection, can make a bitter relationship feel and look much better. Your mother-in-law has a personality of her own.

Get To Know Her : Take the initiative to start a friendly chat with her. By doing this, you get a golden chance to know your mother-in-law better. Get her to open up about her childhood, college days, and may be even the way she went along with her partner’s mother.

Don‘t Criticize: Sometimes, it might seem like your mother-in-law is taking over the house with her authority over everything.

Take Her Advice: It is fine to seek help from her. It can be regarding anything in your life – as simple as a recipe or as complicated as your troubled relationship with your partner.

Try Calling Her ‘Mom’: This is not easy to do as it sounds because you already have a mom and no one else might match up to her. Your mom is not going to be replaced just by treating your mother-in-law like one.

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