Tips To Avoid Cold and Cough During Pregnancy

Pregnant women have plenty of issues to deal with, which are part and parcel of this phase. When an illness occurs during this time, it only gets worse. Cough and cold is a common illness that occurs to anyone for that matter. Some of the symptoms include irritated throat, runny nose, tiredness, continuous sneezing, and many others.

Listed below are the things to be done to prevent a cough and cold.

Get A Flu Vaccine: There is no better medical way to prevent cold. It can be taken at any point of time during the pregnancy, even as late as the third trimester.  In fact, the protection from cold extends to six months after giving birth. Getting a flu shot will not affect the baby in any manner.

Wash Hands Regularly: Maintaining personal hygiene is the best way to avoid catching a cold and cough. Hand contact with people having a cold is risky because the virus spreads this way.

Use A Hand Sanitizer: When outside, it might not be possible to wash hands. For this, carry a hand sanitizer with you. The alcohol content in the sanitizer drastically reduces the spread of the virus.

Increase Fluid Intake: Having plenty of fluids can help with a cough and cold. Fluids have the capacity to flush out the toxins from the body. Fluids do not include only water but fruit juices too.

Have A Balanced Diet: Consuming the right food prevents a cough and cold easily. See to it that you include all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your diet to help the immune system to function better.

Stay Away From People With Cold And Cough: If someone around you has caught a cold or a cough, stay away from them until they get cured.

Don’t Touch Your Face: If you have a doubt that your hands are not clean enough, it is better not to touch your face. This is because the virus enters the body via the mouth and nostrils.

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