Three decades after Bofors scandal, Indian Army gets its first artillery guns

For the first time in three decades, the Indian Army received two new artillery guns. The M-777 ultra-light howitzer guns are part of India’s 145-gun order from the U.S for 700 million dollars.

This is the first induction of howitzers after the Bofors scandal broke out nearly 30 years ago. Allegations of kickbacks in that deal had a vast impact on defence purchases since then.

The Army has massive plans to upgrade its artillery formations, and is in the process of acquiring five different types of artillery guns under a Rs 22,000 crore modernisation plan.

The guns are expected to add tremendous firepower to the Indian Army, especially against China in eastern front.

The air portable 155mm/39 calibre gun, with maximum range of 30 km, is manufactured by BAE Systems.

Out of 145 guns, BAE will deliver 25 guns and rest will be assembled in India by Mahindra.


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