Proterra Catalyst E2 Series: Electric Bus Can Travel For 563 km On A Single Charge


While cars, supercars and even hypercars going the electric way, you might think that no one is thinking about public transport, right? Well, electric bus builder Proterra has unveiled its new Catalyst E2 (E2 meaning efficient energy) model, which features a massive 660 kilowatt-hour battery pack giving a real world range of up to 560 odd kilometres.

There are a whole lot of cities around the world who want such buses and that is solely to improve the quality of air in their cities or municipalities. While most of the buses in India work on either diesel or CNG, an electric alternative might help them make the switch but it’s always about the range and time consumed in charging.  According to Proterra, the E2 solves the range issue almost entirely. In testing, it managed to travel more than 966 kilometers on a single charge, while the real-world range is pegged at 312 to 563 km depending on the load it takes in.

The Proterra E2 measures just over 42 feet and seats 40 passengers. It gets a carbon fibre reinforced composite body which helps in weight reduction which is why the unladen weight of the bus is just 18,000 kilograms.



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