Things You Need To Clean A Mirror


Even after cleaning the mirror every other day, you fail to see the clear yourself in the mirror.For example, you cannot clean the mirror with a damp cloth piece. It will leave behind water stains. Instead of cleaning the mirror with a cloth piece, prefer newspaper. Newspaper wipes off the water and the paper absorbs moisture too. Thus, cleaning the mirror with a piece of paper is the best way to maintain the shiny and spotless glass.Here are some things that you need to clean a mirror.

Things you need to clean a mirror are:

1.Soft cloth piece: For daily cleaning, you must have a soft cloth piece. A cotton cloth will work wonders for wiping off the dust from the mirror. Every day, you can use the soft cloth piece to clean and maintain the mirror.

2.Newspaper: To get streak-free shine on the mirror, spray some water or a cleaning solution and wipe off with a newspaper. You can also fold the newspaper for easy and handy cleaning. Make sure you wipe off tightly so that the water stains are absorbed by the paper. Do not rub fingers immediately after wiping off the mirror with newspaper. Let it dry. It will hardly take few seconds for the moisture to dry up. If any stains are left behind, spray the water and repeat the process.

3.White vinegar: White vinegar is often mixed with warm water to prepare a cleaning solution. To clean and maintain your mirror, you can mix white vinegar with water and store in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe off the mirror with a clean paper.

4.Lemon juice: Even lemon juice is one of the cleaning things used to wipe off a dirty mirror. Mix lemon juice with water and store in a spray bottle. Apart from removing stubborn stains from the mirror, lemon juice will also leave behind its nice fragrance.

5.Rubbing alcohol or borax: Both rubbing alcohol and borax are used to clean and maintain the mirror. Rubbing alcohol can be mixed with water and sprayed to clean the dirty and stained mirror. Even borax can be diluted with white vinegar and used for cleaning. Always follow up with a paper to keep it stainless and shiny.

These are the things you need to clean a mirror.

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