Things Women See In Men First

Men look women only on the surface but women literally scan a man if they are really interested. But men seldom understand what women really notice on the first date.Some men think that being rich is sufficient to woo a woman. So, they carry expensive gadgets and move around in cars trying to woo women. But they are wrong. Money isn’t enough.Some men think that intelligence can impress women at the dinner table. Though such men can hold a conversation for long, it isn’t enough to woo someone because women are keen observers. They can see through you.

Some men think that hitting the gym and shaping their muscles is what makes women crazy. So they flex their muscles when they come for a date. But that isn’t enough as women do observe quite a lot of things in the first meeting itself.Here are some things that women see in men first.

Things that women see in men first are:

1.Shoulders: Broad shoulders are a sign of security and warmth. Even if a man’s shoulders aren’t really broad, if they are well defined, they would attract women.

2.Confidence Levels: The way a man carries himself counts a lot. Women observe how a man feels in her presence. A confident and a relaxed man gets all the points. But wait, over confidence is a turn off.

3.Smile: Women observe your smile. Being too serious or laughing at everything- both of them are a turn off. Just smile.

4.Dressing: Women do observe this very keenly. How a man dresses himself speaks volumes about his upbringing, his taste, his lifestyle and status too. Dress well.

5.Grooming: Your grooming reflects how you take care of your body and how often you take care of your body. Women observe this as they hate men who neglect their bodies.

6.Smell: You need to smell good if you ever dream to date a woman. Women carefully sense your smell to gauge a lot of things about you. Manage your body odour.

7.Body: You don’t need to be a body builder. But your fitness levels speak a lot about your interest in your health. Belly fat would be a turn off to her.

8.Butt: We think only men notice women’s legs but it is a fact that women too would like to see a cute bum. Just tone your muscles a bit.

9.Voice: Deep masculine voice turns any woman on. The way you measure your words and speak can impress her.

10.Attitude Towards LIfe: This is the most important thing that any woman would carefully notice in a man. How a man perceives life, world and success are very important to a woman because this trait alone decides a man’s future. Goal oriented, focused and successful men win the game.

These are the things that women see in men first.

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