Things That You Never Share On Facebook


Even a casual post on social networking sites can actually lead to serious legal and personal implications. The nature of Facebook is such that it gives you a semblance of privacy where there is none. Nothing can be kept private on social networking sites. That is why, being on Facebook is like standing in the middle of room full of people you know. What ever you do or say will not go unnoticed.Things you share on Facebook are seen by your Facebook friends. And they can further share it. So you must be careful on the posts you share on Facebook. Here are some things that you never share on Facebook.

Things that you never share on Facebook are:

1.Personal Photos: Do you really have to post intimate photos of you and your boyfriend getting cozy in a night club? Suppose you post these photos and breakup with your boyfriend a week later? The whole world would have seen your intimate moments.

2.Complaints About Boss: Most often office colleagues are present in your Facebook friends list. So if you write complaining post about your boss or abuse the organisation you work for publicly, then it might get you into loads of trouble. Getting fired is just the tip of the iceberg.

3.Address n Phone Number: Facebook gives you the option share your address and phone number. But sharing these personal details is not only silly, but also very dangerous.

4.Travel Plans: You are excited about your long due vacation and you obviously boast about it on Facebook. But this might just be a welcome call for many criminal minds. Cyber crime is getting serious these days.

5.Photos Of Kids: Even if your kids have not come of age yet, they have say in matter of their privacy. You have no right to post pictures of your kids that might embarrass them in front of their friends.

6.Defamatory Posts: Defamation laws are now applicable even to cyber space. So hate groups and negative propaganda on social networking sites is basically punishable by law. There is no harm on sharing Rajnikanth jokes, but make sure you don’t publicly defame any public figure.

7.Political n Religious Beliefs: Your political and religious beliefs are your own. Why make a display by sharing these things on Facebook. Besides, there is bound to be debates and difference of opinion on such polarised issues.

These are the things that you never share on Facebook.

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