Things That You Must Know About Extramarital Affairs

Though there could be many reasons for extramarital affairs, they are dangerous. They are the worst form of betrayal and that is why anybody who is the betrayed party would take them seriously.Recently, when relationship experts conducted a study where anonymous people are asked to fill in questionnaires, they saw surprising answers. After studying more than 25000 men and women in various age groups, researchers shared their observations.Some of them even say that the percentage of such extra marital affairs has reduced in certain highly developed areas and has increased in developing areas.

The reason for this could be the average marriage age and exposure levels. In developed countries, many people are marrying late (between 30-40 years). So, they may have enough scope to enjoy all the thrills before marriage and when they marry, they tend to take a mature decision and this might just reduce the chance of cheating.Also, in certain cultures where the divorce rate is high, partners tend to walk out of their wed locks, instead of secretly cheating their spouses. This could also be one reason why the percentage of people admitting their secret affairs was less in such areas.Here are some facts to know about extramarital affairs.

Facts to know about extramarital affairs are:

1.In a study, (where all the participants are men) most of them confessed that they got into bedroom acts with other women in order to experiment more physically. Some men agreed that they are bored of trying different things with a spouse.

2.When it comes to women, most of them admitted that they wanted attention, love and care which they never got from a spouse.

3.Another surprising fact is that more than 40% of the participants (both men and women) claimed that they never had any physical connection in their extra marital relationship. It is just that they were emotionally attached to a particular person. They said that they would prefer to stay more time with that person than a spouse.

4.Those who had such affairs in the past admitted that the life of a secret affair tends to be small. It may start and end naturally in a span of days or months. Though some go for years, an affair has to end sooner or later after the initial rush is gone.

5.Surprisingly, some men and women said that they just did it for the thrill. The age group of people who admitted it was only a thrill is between 22 and 27 years.

6.In fact another interesting pattern is that the percentage of people engaging in such secret affairs is more among people who have married too early in life either due to circumstances or any other reason.

7.Some of the participants also confessed that when they were caught by the spouse, their marriage didn’t end. Though there was a period of separation, they said they managed to get back to their spouses after saying sorry.

These are the facts to know about extramarital affairs.

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