Things That You Learn From A Live In Relationship

Live in relationships are the best, some say! And on the other hand, there are those who hate the idea of living together before nuptials. If your all geared up to move in with your partner, well, we think you should take a look at this article first.When it comes to live in relationships, it is generally the idea of getting to know your partner’s behaviour, their habits more closely and just figuring out how it is to live with the other gender.

In India, live in relationships are becoming quite common. There are more than 50 percent of couples who are opting to stay with their partner before walking down the aisle. Though this goes against the Indian society, these are the couples who just don’t care.Here are some things that you learn from a live in relationship.

Things that you learn from a live in relationship are:

1.How To Run A Home: The one thing you learn from a live in relationship is how to run a home. When you get to stay with your partner, you learn how to run a home on your own as two adults, making every decision whether big or small.

2.The True Side Of Your Partner: Only when you get to live with the person will you know the skeletons in the closet. Living with the one you love can be a little bit risky as you have to be yourself no matter what, at every given time, since the two of you will constantly be together.! So, think about that, your real self comes out, and this my friend can or cannot be welcoming to your partner.

3.The Strengths & Weakness Of Each Other: In most of the cases, live in relationships do not work! The reason being, couples gets to know the other side of their partner, their strengths and weaknesses, and this can be quite scary to handle, which is why many resort to seeking greener pastures of moving out of the relationship.

4.The Negative Side Of Being In Love: From the many positive sides, the one negative thing you learn from a live in relationship, is being in love all the time. You need to be ever ready at all times to please the other one, and you always have to keep that smile on your face just to show your partner your happy.

5.When Pets A Part Of Your Love: Most importantly, when the two of you have a pet, you get to pamper the pet just like a child. So, in cases like this there is in no way where you can walk out of the relationship since the pet ties you down like a son or a daughter. So, if your serious about marriage and the live in relationship, only then get a pet, or else skip the process.

These are the the things that you learn from a live in relationship.

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