Things That Turn Off Your Partner

When we are in a relationship we always take steps to impress our dear ones. In this case we tend to forget that we creating reasons for our own break up and worries. We need to understand certain things especially when you are in a relationship with your man.When the girl is in love she goes overboard painting the town red about her love life. But while concentrating on that she forgets that she is not keeping her partner happy with few doings of hers.Here are some things that turn off your partner.

Things that turn off your partner are:

1.Being Too Desperate: Few men like it when the girl takes the initiative. But they do not prefer if she is being too desperate all the time. Always remember that men like women who are independent and self dependent. It is a big turn off for your partner if you constantly clinging on them.

2.Trying To Change Him: When you get into a serious relationship with your man he expects you to accept him just the way he has been. Never try to change your man when you are committed. It is a big turn off for him as he thinks you are trying to take away his own identity and want him to be just the way you want. Avoid doing so.

3.Rude: Men hate women who are rude. They are the silent observes and notice you and your behaviour with the rest and only then take the plunge. If your man finds you being rude or the one who throws tantrums around they would simply prefer to walk away.

4.Making Him Jealous: Being a girl we always love to make our man jealous by comparing him to the most hottest guy in the town or to a movie star. A little of this is fine but when you overdo it then its a sign that it bothers them. This is one of the most common things that turn off your partner.

5.Playing Hard To Get: When a man is interested in you he would love to chase and persuade his love for you. But if you play real hard and don’t give it back it turns them off. They would prefer walking out of this. Remember that relationship’s basic rule is you should give your best and get your best in return. This way it keeps both the partners happy.

6.Gossiping: Men love women who gossip. But if you are constantly gossiping and bitching about others its a big turn off for your man. This gives them an impression that you are quite judgmental about things and people. He might be watchful with his words when he is around you and this can lead to problems.

7.Being Late: They know a women can never be on time. If they come across women who are punctual it makes them feel great. Make sure you do not disappoint your man the next time you are going on a date by just being on time. This doesn’t give them a chance to crib about you.

8.Not Offering To Pay: When you guys go on a dinner date try to make your man happy by just offering to pay the bill. This makes them happy. Men hate women who just do not offer to pay. Though they would pay the bill they like it when the lady offers them.

These are the things that turn off your partner.

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