Things that Ladies Notice First in Guys


As the old quote goes, ‘eyes are the window to the soul’. Many girls say that the thing that they first noticed in their partners was their eyes. To many, the colour and shape of the eyes may be especially attractive. And some girls look deeper into the eyes and try to decipher what lies in them.

Body Language

Just like the eyes, a guy’s body language goes a long way in telling people about him. A woman is especially in tune with her date’s body language. The crossing of your hands, the way you sit and the way you touch your date will all tell her loads about you.


The most common answer to the question, ‘what do you notice first in a man?’ would easily be his smile. A smile will also lighten the mood of a first meeting. A good self-assured smile will tell your date that you are a confident man with a strong personality.

The Way You Dress Yourself

Gone are the days when the worry of being impeccably dressed was reserved for the women folk alone. Today, men have to put in equal effort into being dressed properly too.

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