Things That Happen When You Quit Working Out

Cultivating a good habit isn’t enough; continuing it also counts. And when it comes to exercise, quitting your workouts all of a sudden may not work well.Firstly, if you are into heavy workouts like lifting weights, you may quickly gain fat as you tend to eat big due to your weight lifting habit. Sudden weight gains are the first side effect of stopping workouts suddenly.There are a host of other side effects of quitting your exercise routine all of a sudden due to work reasons or any other reason. Here are some things that happen when you quit working out.

Things that happen when you quit working out are:

1.If you are used to lifting weights, then you may experience a dip in your overall strength soon after you quit lifting weights.

2.In just a week or two, your pants may feel tight at the belly button. This may be because of a slight increase in belly fat after suddenly quitting exercise.

3.You tend to feel tired often for no reason. After you quit working out, your body loses the habit of working hard and this may make you feel tired even after doing small tasks.

4.If you’re into intense workouts in the past and has suddenly stopped exercise, then you may lose that shredded look. Also, loss of muscle could also occur if you take a long break from exercises.

5.If you were into yoga and has stopped doing asanas for any reason then your flexibility levels may dip. Even bending becomes tough when you don’t work out anymore.

6.In some people, insomnia could occur after quitting the habit of working out. The body needs some physical activity to fall asleep effortlessly.

7.You may either overeat or under eat. In some people, lack of workouts could lower appetite. In some, it could cause more cravings and thereby cause fat gains.

8.You may feel lazy all the time if you quit working out. Exercise is what energises you.

9.You may feel stressful if you quit working out all of a sudden. Physical activity is a good way to release built up stress. Therefore, never quit your workouts all of a sudden. Try to embrace some or the other kind of physical activity if you can’t really go to the gym.

These are the things that happen when you quit working out.

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