Things Newly Marrieds Fight About

However, the issues for having fights keep changing at the different stages of marriage. Naturally a newly married couple will not fight about the same things that a couple married for 10 years will fight about. Here is a list of issues that makes newly weds fight.

Things That Newly Marrieds Fight About:

Bad Habits: In the first stage of marriage, spouses have not yet gotten used to each others bad habits. So, minor issues like sleeping on the wrong side or leaving the bathroom soggy leads to bitter fights. Old habits die hard, so they will not go away easily.

Expenses: Marriage is an expensive affair. First of all, the couple has to bear the expenses of the wedding and the paraphernalia associated with it. Then you have the expenses of setting up a new home, making investments and going for an expensive honeymoon. All these financial pressures sometimes take a toll on the newly marrieds.

Respective Families: The worst culprits when it comes to making a couple fight are their respective families. Each set of parents try to exercise their right over their kids (who are no longer kids) and the couple gets pulled from both directions. Small issues like whose parents to visit on a weekend can also lead to huge fights.

Work Pressure: Just because you are married, your boss is not going to cut you any flak. But you cannot expect your newly married spouse to understand this. He or she will crave for your company and if you cannot give it, there will be accusation that end in nasty fights.

Housework: After marriage, a couple shares all the work at home. If it so happens that the division of labour is not uniform, then fights are bound to break out. A couple has one of their first fights about division of housework like who does the dishes, who cleans up the room and so on.

Easily Hurt: When a couple is newly married they get hurt by each others minor indiscretions. Their love has still not endured the test of time and thus they are easily hurt. So if you forget to bring her a rose on your first Valentine’s day as a married couple then she may not talk to you for days. When you repeat the same few years later, she might not even notice it!

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