5th Gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class to launch in Feb end


It’s been barely a few days since 2017 started and confirmed news that Mercedes-Benz India will be launching the 5th generation E-Class sedan towards the end of February, 2017.

The new E-Class was launched about a year earlier than the new BMW 5 Series and the next-gen Audi A6, when it did go on sale internationally, earlier in the year.

The 4th gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class got over 2,000 updates when it was launched in 2013 in India. Mercedes-Benz is known to set the bar higher even when it seems impossible and from the looks of it, the company is likely to do it again.

The new E-Class now gets the familial front end which is already on the S-class and the C-Class at present. This is the fifth generation of the E-Class and gets a host of updates such as two 12.3inch LCD screens (optional) along with a dial-knob gear selector and fresh interior design. The inside is even more luxuriously appointed now. The fascia makes use of the fine-wood grain and also gets ambient lighting.

Internationally, the new E-Class will get a variety of engine options which will consist of different iterations of the 2.0-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel engine options along with V6 iteration of the petrol and diesel as well. Of course, the V8 AMG engine, which churns out over 500 horses, will make its way sooner than later.

The new E-Class also gets bigger, with an increase of 43mm in length and 65mm in the wheelbase. The overall width and height have been decreased by 2mm and 6mm respectively. What has also decreased is the overall weight.

The new E-Class weighs approximately 70kg lighter than the current generation on sale in India.



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