Terrace Gardening Tips

Terrace gardening is that way where you can fulfill your hobby and dream of living within a small piece of nature. With some interesting ways, you can build a beautiful terrace garden and grow vegetables and flowers at your terrace.

Get the right space: If your house is built on the strongest base, your terrace can easily take the load of a terrace garden, even with bigger trees.

Waterproofing : To keep your house safe from any side effects of terrace gardening, you need to waterproof your terrace.

Soil type check: A perfect mixture of soil, fertilizers and compost can give you the maximum yield.

Use pots: Buy pots and go for small gardening options. Tomatoes, chillies, okra, etc., can be grown well in pots, as they don’t need much space.

Water daily: In summer, you need to water your plants twice daily to keep the soil moisturised. During winter, you should press the soil with your hand and check for the moisture level. Then, water accordingly.

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